And I’m here to connect you to the cosmic wisdom and spiritual insight that allow us all to lead more beautiful, love-filled lives.

hey, I'm Lianne

My absolute joy in life is to share my gifts 

It is my life’s great pleasure to work on behalf of others, in the energetic realms, to help manifest your soul’s deepest and truest desires - then share in the absolute joy that each transformation brings!

As an entrepreneur and single mother of two small boys, I know that a life filled with beauty doesn’t mean a life free from challenge! Which is why I’m passionate about offering the vital extra dimension of spiritual insight to help my fellow wild souls successfully navigate their lives, discover who they truly are, and embrace their own innate, powerful magic.

A natural-born intuitive, medium and healer - I have been offering energy readings, powerful healing sessions and sharing channelled wisdom from the guides for over a decade. All to help my clients live fully in their truth.

With the blessing of chanelled guidance, I believe we may all become sovereign souls, transformed into higher beings brimming with creativity, innovation, abundance, and love.

Also a qualified Meditation and Breath-Work Facilitator, Shamanic Energy Healer, Reiki Level 3 Healer, Akashic Records Reader and Vibrational Medicine Practitioner - I incorporate these modalities in my own life as well as in healing sessions with my clients, to transform their energy and therefore transform their lives.

Coconut sun lotion on hot skin

the smell of...

That first sip of good champagne

THe taste of...

Fresh sheets + a fresh new day

the feeling of...

"I love you"

the sound of...

That sparkle as light hits the ocean

The view of...


“Spend your life Loving. Not seeking Love. Ocean. Need not seek water.”

Jaiya john




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