An Intuitive Channel + Transformation Guide bringing you the cosmic wisdom that allows you to manifest more beautiful, soul-led, love-filled lives.

hey, I'm Lianne

An Intuitive Medium, a Channeller, an Energy Healer, a Mystical Space Stylist, a Meditation Guide, whatever you want to call me – I am simply allowing the Universe to dance through me. 

I want to transform us all into goddesses and gods of innovation, sovereign souls, each one a queen or king of creativity, abundance, and love.

My absolute joy in life is to use my gifts 

Also a qualified Meditation and Breath-Work Facilitator, Shamanic Energy Healer, Reiki Level 3 Healer, Akashic Records Reader and Vibrational Medicine Practitioner - I incorporate these modalities in my own life as well as in healing sessions with my clients, to transform their energy and therefore transform their lives. 

As an entrepreneur and single mother to two small boys, I know that a life filled with beauty doesn’t mean a life free from challenge! Which is why I’m passionate about helping my fellow wild feminine beings successfully navigate their lives, and embrace their innate, powerful magick.

A natural-born intuitive, medium and healer - I have been offering energy readings, powerful healing sessions and sharing channelled wisdom from the Guides for over a decade. All to help my clients live fully in their truth - that they are magical, joy-centred beings. 

My working life began by training as an interior designer, working in design studios until I eventually started my own luxury interior design business in London with my best pal and fellow designer.

Almost as soon as we set our intention, my business partner and I were being contracted by billionaires and royalty, working on amazing projects, such as refurbishing Virginia Woolf’s house in Richmond, London and Capability Brown’s residence at Hampton Court Palace. 

I used to hide my gifts and spiritual side for fear of being seen as "weird". but once i fully embraced my whole self, my life opened up in incredible ways...


My boys

And honestly, I love it! I’ve had to walk my own path in order to live and embody the wisdom I have received, to be continually opening and transforming through big life challenges, to truly accept my whole self, to have my own back and to fully align to the Love of the Universe. My life has given me the gift of compassion and self love - so I can confidently say that I can honour and witness the beautiful unfolding of the Souls that come to me for support and guidance with love, kindness and non-judgement.

This work chose me. 

I aligned my intention, my belief, my energy and intuition. I simply showed up and let my aura do the talking, and the opportunities flowed effortlessly. Don’t get me wrong, we worked HARD. But I used my intuition and skill together to harmonise my clients interior spaces.…

Now I’m here to help clients harmonise not just their homes, but their whole life.

The secret to my success?

Coconut sun lotion on hot skin

the smell of...

That first sip of good champagne

THe taste of...

Fresh sheets + a fresh new day

the feeling of...

"I love you"

the sound of...

That sparkle as light hits the ocean

The view of...

not about

Small talk,
Mean girls, 
People pleasing,
Bad lighting


Big Blossomy Peonies, Hot Sweet Espresso, 
Long Deep Massages,  
Radical honesty, Laughing 'till you cry

all about


the daily life

“Spend your life Loving. Not seeking Love. Ocean. Need not seek water.”

— Jaiya john




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