Let's create the                    you've always wanted.

Working with simple, fun, yet powerful energy-based solutions, I can help you reveal your unique inner radiance and so allow your outer abundance to blossom with ease. My mission is to show each of us how to move beyond being a mere achiever – and become a true ‘Lover of Life’, letting each moment become a lush, nourishing elixir…

Love energy is Life Force energy, and so, whatever we truly love comes alive in our reality as our physical manifestations. It is the key to being the powerful creator of your own personal ‘happily ever after'.
I aim to guide you into the most satisfying connection with your deepest magick. My desire for you, is that you open ever-wider to the flow of potent Love within all of nature, and in the process, you become a force of nature.


Let's create the           you've always wanted.

wild soul, are you ready?

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Energy sessions and VIP options available. 

I offer Intuitive Energy Readings, revitalising energy practices, and channelled teachings that work at the Soul level where all of our true power flows. This creates the most satisfying transformations and smooths the path for your most desired outcomes to manifest. These sessions will guide you to live in your Divine Nature.

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What a joy. A reading with Lianne brings me in alignment with my highest potential. I love how Lianne guides me through the session. She channels my guides with so much joy and clarity. After the session I always feel empowered and excited  to move forward with my life. All starts to unfold in such a beautiful way. She has a true gift and I am very grateful she accompanies me on my path of being my true self. "

"For the past years a gift to myself has been a reading with Lianne...

mallorca, spain
Healing Ceremony Facilitator

She gives me clarity when I have a number of investments to make and she has a knack of knowing which opportunity is going to be worth my attention. My wife and I both consult with her on our business affairs to great results."

"I am in close contact with Lianne for strategic guidance on my business...

Mallorca, spain
PGA Golf Pro & Athlete 

"Lianne has an uncanny set of skills to guide me when I am feeling confused, wary or unsure to reach deep inside and give me perfect clarity. She is super easy to talk to , non-judgemental and has become my go-to person when I need help to find the answer deep within myself. I have no idea how she does it but her gift has certainly contributed to me finding the best version of myself."

"Lianne’s gift has contributed to me finding the best version of myself."

mallorca, spain
Luxury property development & management