Over a decade I have perfected my intuitive channelled readings so that they also serve as an energy healing session. First and foremost, my readings are always warm and informal. I want you to feel open and relaxed, so you can enjoy the wonderful, elating experience of communing with your guides, and fully receive the messages that are delivered for your greatest good. One of the things I love most about the ascended beings in the non-physical realms is their universal sense of light-heartedness, humour, and joy.


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crystal clear

“Lianne - the universe sent me an angel...You. Thank you.”

Melanie - London, UK

"I wish I could put into words how much Lianne has helped me become the best version of myself. I am the happiest I have ever been."

Charlie - Kent, UK

"I've turned to Lianne in some very difficult times and each reading has been precise and also magical." 

Kate, Mallorca, Spain

"The impact Lianne has had on my development has been profound. Everyone who works with her says the same thing. "


‘Lianne’s gift has contributed to me finding the best version of myself.’

Leigh - Mallorca, Spain

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What Happens During a Reading?

As we begin I will read and assess your personal energy field, to get the fullest sense of your essence and your soul’s purpose. As the session unfolds the flow of positivity from the energetic realms will naturally cleanse and realign your energy to harmonise these aspects of your divine being.

At the same time I will talk to your Spirt Guides, Higher Self, and non-physical Helpers. Ask anything you wish, or simply let insights flow as I read your energy. I’m always glad to describe my client’s guides when they ask. It’s always both thrilling and comforting to know about the beings that continually watch over you.

To close a reading I’ll work with the The Tarot and multiple decks of oracle cards, specifically chosen by the guides before the session. The cards are a tool for creating extra focus. I do not read them in the traditional way. Instead, having received a channelled message, the cards revealed provide confirmation and crystallise the messages meant for you.

A soothing 45-minutes, offering profound guidance both powerful and gentle. Clients connect with their gifts, their innate value, and the sense of who they truly are, while being granted a glimpse of the paths that lie ahead. These sessions will naturally help you to overcome obstacles, release blocks and fears, and clear away unwanted energies from your aura.

My signature intuitive energy readings are vibration-raising 45 minute sessions. Join me as I read your energy and the energies influencing you, refresh your aura, and connect to your Guides for divine answers to your burning questions. So you can sparkle with clarity.



crystal clear

45 mins intuitive energy reading


Bringing clarity and guidance for a whole year ahead, this package takes care of those who enjoy regular sessions with me throughout the year. Aside from preferential booking, these clients benefit from establishing a deeper connection between themselves and the energetic world. As our rapport develops, we access the most rewarding work, delving deeper to receive ever-greater insights as they unfold over time. Book your whole year’s sessions in advance, month by month, or just when you need them.  

A Year of Intuition



one time payment - £1111

Make this your most magical year and enjoy twelve 45 minute readings whenever you want them in the next twelve months (saving £220).
This convenient one-time payment includes further bespoke benefits of a concierge style booking process PLUS 4x 10-minute voice messages  for those inspired questions that require a 24 hour turnaround.

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12 sessions + VIP benefits over 12 months

"Lianne has been a grounding and inspiring light for me in both my personal and professional growth. She is invaluable to me, an extension of my team and with her warm guidance, I am able to overcome professional challenges, feel into my intuition and live my best life. "

London, uk & Mallorca, Spain
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"Lianne has a psychic gift. What I love most is her straight forward approach that gets right to the heart of the matter during sessions. She was born with a wonderful gift to hear and channel the messages of the higher realm of spirit with integrity and compassion. Lianne has a true gift and is committed to empowering others and assisting anyone who crosses her path. What a blessing to have met such an insightful, intuitive, brilliant and wonderful person who has helped me so much. Thank you Lianne."

kent, uk 
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