"I met Lianne in my business mentoring role. We started out by swapping sessions – she wanted to grow her business and I was really interested to learn more about what she did – and WOW! I was hooked right from the start. Sessions with her have been life changing – no joke! I wish I could put into words just how much she has helped me become the best version of myself, how much I have grown as a person and how I am the happiest I have ever been.

When given the opportunity to become business partners and run a company together – I let my intuition decide for me (which I have Lianne to thank for). It took a split second to tell me “F*ck YES!” and I’ve not looked back… and so Wild Intuition Ltd was born!"

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"I've turned to Lianne in some very difficult times and each reading has been precise and also magical. She has given some good solid advice along with ideas of what is possible if we choose to follow our hearts and stay in alignment. Thank you for being part of my journey."

mallorca, spain



Sessions offer soothing, intuitive energetic support for you, especially when moving through a transition in life or while expanding into the next-level of yourself. During all seasons of life, readings offer profound guidance that is gentle and powerful, helping you remember who you truly are, and better connect you to your worth and your gifts. These sessions will naturally help you to overcome obstacles, release blocks and fears, and clear away unwanted energetic attachments.

Online Intuitive Energy Sessions are a high-vibe hour, where I connect to your Guides, read your energy + aura, to reveal your gifts and your Soul path. 

1-1 Intuitive Energy Reading - 50 mins



Lianne recommends asking one question to get the maximum out of your 20 minute Session.

This question can be about you, your career, a relationship, anything you wish really!

If you only have limited time, or would like a taster of what a full session involves, a mini reading is perfect.

1-1 Mini Intuitive Energy Reading - 20 mins

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Lianne has worked closely with many high-achievers over the years, from actors, and musicians, to athletes, financial leaders and entrepreneurs, supporting their success and bringing harmony to all aspects of their lives as they build their empires.

This option is for those  who would like a higher level of intuitive support, one-to-one coaching and energy healing, where you will receive consistent access to Lianne each week. If you would like to make leaps in your success, transformation, relationships, wellbeing and abundance- this is the ultimate support.  Imagine having your own personal healer, mentor, psychic and spiritual bestie all rolled into one, by your side, supporting your journey. 

 VIP Packages are over one or three months.

VIP Packages


"Lianne has been a grounding and inspiring light for me in both my personal and professional growth. She is invaluable to me, an extension of my team and with her warm guidance, I am able to overcome professional challenges, feel into my intuition and live my best life. Since meeting Lianne, my career, relationships and connection to my inner voice has improved immeasurably. The impact Lianne has had on my development has been profound and everyone who works with her says the same thing. "

London, uk & Mallorca, Spain
Founder & Luxury Interior Designer - @SAMANTHAKNIGHTDESIGN


"Lianne has a psychic gift. What I love most is her straight forward approach that gets right to the heart of the matter during sessions. She was born with a wonderful gift to hear and channel the messages of the higher realm of spirit with integrity and compassion. Lianne has a true gift and is committed to empowering others and assisting anyone who crosses her path. What a blessing to have met such an insightful, intuitive, brilliant and wonderful person who has helped me so much. Thank you Lianne."

kent, uk 
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