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So welcome wild soul. My name is Lianne, and I work as an energy reader, an intuitive channeller and spiritual mentor. Whatever you prefer to call me, I am at heart a modern mystic with ancient gifts, whose greatest purpose is to guide and provide those seeking answers with spiritually channelled wisdom.

Neither a blessing nor a burden, this ability has passed through my family for generations. It’s something I have learned to embrace, then exercise on behalf of others, and continue to explore.

Whatever may be revealed, my readings are always honest, informal, and relaxed. Think of them as a chat with a new close friend - never there to judge, but ready instead to help you make sense of what’s unfolding in your life by providing insights delivered directly to you from the energetic realms beyond and around us - unseen by most, yet always present, and inhabited by angelic beings, ever-present, and always ready to assist each of us when called upon.

You’re here because your intuition has already
told you there’s more you need to know.

“My sessions with you
were honestly
life changing.”

Charlie, Kent, UK

With complete humility I accept and offer myself as a bridge to the magic that dwells beyond the confines of our three dimensional world - where cosmic insights and higher wisdom wait to be received.

My clients come here from all walks of life, bringing with them a myriad of questions, big and small, personal and professional. After a reading nearly all of them experience profound feelings of inspiration, well-being, and vitality.

These effects are in part thanks to understanding more about themselves and their circumstances, but is also due to opening to higher vibrations and the energy clearing that happens naturally as I read each client’s aura through our session together.


Wild soul!

Are you...

Gem, London, UK

“I feel like you completely unlocked my sparkle...”

  • Crystallise what is next for you and the choices soon arriving on your soul path.

  • Discover what experiences and influences are really shaping your life right now.

  • Change life-long behaviour patterns, shift negative energy and break unhealthy cycles.


Reach out to me for a reading when you need help to…

What a joy. A reading with Lianne brings me in alignment with my highest potential. I love how Lianne guides me through the session. She channels my guides with so much joy and clarity. After the session I always feel empowered and excited  to move forward with my life. All starts to unfold in such a beautiful way. She has a true gift and I am very grateful she accompanies me on my path of being my true self. "

"For the past years a gift to myself has been a reading with Lianne...

mallorca, spain
Healing Ceremony Facilitator

She gives me clarity when I have a number of investments to make and she has a knack of knowing which opportunity is going to be worth my attention. My wife and I both consult with her on our business affairs to great results."

"I am in close contact with Lianne for strategic guidance on my business...

Mallorca, spain
PGA Golf Pro & Athlete 

"Lianne has an uncanny set of skills to guide me when I am feeling confused, wary or unsure to reach deep inside and give me perfect clarity. She is super easy to talk to , non-judgemental and has become my go-to person when I need help to find the answer deep within myself. I have no idea how she does it but her gift has certainly contributed to me finding the best version of myself."

"Lianne’s gift has contributed to me finding the best version of myself."

mallorca, spain
Luxury property development & management





“The universe is eager to deliver us our
heart’s deepest desires – and I can’t wait to show you…”

LoveLianne xx

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