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“Manifest a new world filled with Wild Beauty & Wild Abundance.”

Hi, I’m Lianne! I’m an Intuitive Medium, Channel & Transformational Energy Guide.


A Modern Mystic who keeps things grounded and brings the heavenly to earth, I offer a selection of divinely channelled signature courses that will guide you to connect to your innate manifesting magic, to reveal your most radiant life. For a bespoke intuitive experience where you can connect to the messages the universe has for you, I also offer one-to-one intuitive readings, energy healing sessions and other magical offerings.

I show you how to work with the natural and universal life-force energies that flow continually through and around us, teaching you how to align with the energies of abundance and open to bliss, effortlessly. By flowing with the natural, elemental vitality of the universe, understanding and working with the cycles of creation in nature, we can manifest a wildly beautiful life. 

As part of my offering, I guide my clients with channelled wisdom and powerful energy techniques, which allows them to discover and create a life overflowing with their most authentic, heart-centred desires. As my client, you will learn to effortlessly magnetise the love, wellbeing and richness most meaningful and exciting to you. And make art of your life. 

Intuitive Energy Expert + Queen of Transformation

Working with simple, fun, yet powerful energy-based solutions, I can help you reveal your unique inner radiance and so allow your outer abundance to blossom with ease. My mission is to show each of us how to move beyond being a mere achiever – and become a true ‘Lover of Life’, allowing every small moment to become a lush, nourishing elixir...

Love energy is Life Force energy, and so, whatever we truly love comes alive in our reality as our physical manifestations. It is the key to being the powerful creator of your own personal ‘happily ever after...’
In doing this, I aim to guide you into the most satisfying connection with your deepest magick. My desire for you, is that you open ever-wider to the flow of potent Love within all of nature, and in the process, you become a force of nature.

What we do...
When you work with me, my aim is to guide you to:

  • Activating your heart-centre for powerful manifesting. Deeply know that unconditional Love lies at the centre of all Life, relax into infinite possibilities, and become a Muse of Love.

  • Re-wilding your Intuition to ensure the guidance and support of your Soul, and the Cosmos, is behind you every step in life.

  • Healing through beauty and sensuality, and gently detoxing your past life in the process.

  • Understanding that small, inspired actions in your daily life make big, beautiful waves in the Universe. Success, love, and abundance get to be natural and easy.

  • Let more Cosmic Life-Force energy flow through you, manifesting as good feelings, delicious ideas, soothing clarity, and beautiful inspirations. Know The Universe has always got your back.

  • Become the mistress of your own fate. The oracle of your own world. Through Soul-led living, discover the luscious vitality of your true nature.

  • Notice and expect everyday miracles and magical synchronicities.

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“Lianne - the universe sent me an angel - You. Thank you.”

London, uk


“After the session I always feel empowered and excited to move forward with my life.”


London, uk
Healing ceramony facilitator

"Lianne is amazing and offers us continued support and strength. I cannot recommend her enough"

Mallorca, spain
Luxury property development & management


"Lianne's sessions always leave me feeling revitalised and clear-headed"

mallorca, spain
Wellness & Retreat Coordinator


"I feel like you completely unlocked my sparkle and the rest of my day was so fun and light"

england, uk
Private Chef


"As our most devoted Lover, The Universe is eager to deliver us our heart's deepest desires. The secret is learning how to receive and live within the flow of this Cosmic Love. It gets to be so deliciously easy - I can’t wait to show you…"

Love Lianne xx

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How to work with Lianne:

  • Online group courses - all things manifestation, intuition, energy, relationships, heart-break and divorce, motherhood and more coming soon!

  • 1:1 Online Intuitive Energy Reading - 50 min live zoom video call.

  •  An Intuitive MINI Energy Reading - Pre-recorded voice-note - 10 mins, one question.

  • VIP intuitive high-level continual intuitive and energetic guidance, support and mentorship. 1, 3 & 12 month long packages.


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- charlie, kent, uk

“My sessions with you were honestly life changing.

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